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Saturday, May 26, 2018

Cincinnati's Three jewish Tenors - Dr. Weisbrot, Rabbi Meirovich & Rabbi Heyn
Dr. Weisbrot, Rabbi Meirovich & Rabbi Heyn

Cincinnati's Three jewish Tenors

Cincinnatiís "Three Jewish Tenors" (two rabbis and a doctor!) would make any Yiddische mama "KVELL!!Rabbi Moshe Meirovich is a professional chazzan (cantor) and both Dr. Albert Weisbrot and Rabbi Moshe Heyn have studied and performed musically for decades.  They came together as a trio in 2005 to participate in Cincinnati's community-wide celebration of "350 Years of Jewish Life in America."
Their debut performance was in February 2005 at Cincinnatiís Museum Center as part of the opening ceremonies for its exhibit celebrating the "350 Years."  The trio was called upon in March 2005 to give an encore performance.
In April 2005 the Tenors appeared in the play "Footsteps" at Cincinnatiís Hyatt Regency in a scene written with them in mind.  The play, commissioned and performed for Cincinnati's Jewish community, highlighted the prominant role of Cincinnati's Jews in American Jewish history.
In September 2005 the Tenors sang the National Anthem (in three-part harmony) at a Cincinnati Reds game, commemorating the first-ever "Jewish Heritage Day" at the Great American Ballpark.  To have two rabbis and a Jewish doctor lead 24,000 cheering fans in singing the national anthem was an historic event, itself worth celebrating.

The Three Cincinnati Tenors have been performing and booking concerts through 2007 and are already planning a concert to celebrate 400 years of Jewish life in America (slated for 2055!)



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