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Saturday, May 26, 2018

Who or what is 'MAMASH?'

MAMASH is a loosely-knit network of musicians committed to developing integral approaches to life, music, and spirituality.  The name of this 'non-local' band is pronounced like "b'gosh."

The Hebrew word 'MAMASH' has no equivalent in the Enlish language other than an exclamation mark (!)  For more about the the band's name and philosophy, click here...

The following musicians have performed with Rabbi Heyn and/or are part of his global network:

Erica Asch, Emily Baker, David Barhydt, Michael Barrett, Irina Bernadsky, Dianna & Diana Brand, Maurice Crutcher, Tobe Donohue, Michele Gingras, Joel GreenbergSteve Hayes, Elizabeth Johnson, Mattan Klein, Kaya Kotzen, Lazar Lasinsky, Betsy Lefton, Mark Levine, Mohammed Mansoor, Chris Miller, Paul Patterson, Mark Rasmussen, Michelle Rothzeid, Basya Schechter, Nancy Silver, Steve Stuhlbarg, Buzz ShieldsJai Uttal, Stu Warshauer, Steve Williams and Tony Williams, Sr.



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