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Saturday, May 26, 2018

Why is the CD called 'Presence'? - Subliminal image of a female
Subliminal image of a female "presence" on CD cover by Adam Geller

Why is the CD called 'Presence'?

"PRESENCE" can mean:

Something or someone felt or believed to be present.  The Hebrew word Shekhinah appears in rabbinic literature as a divine presence with feminine qualities.  We could say that the Shekhinah dwells with us in the more open or vulnerable moments of our search for meaning.

"PRESENCE" can also mean:

The quality of being present.  For example, while you may be physically present, are you really present if your thoughts are elsewhere?  The contemplative practice of presence involves being completely present now.

The fact that both meanings of 'presence' are implied in the CD's title hints at its underlying Integral philosophy.

Regardless of religious or spiritual orientation, listeners agree that "PRESENCE" conveys a message that the world needs to hear.

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